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The transfer window in the real-world is almost over, so if any clubs need some help deciding on who they should sign in the coming days, they might want to take a look at these findings from the Ultimate Team FIFA community.

EA Sports have released a list of the most popular players in Ultimate Team, showing who has been transferred more than any other player on the game.

Each day millions of transfers take place in FIFA’s most popular game mode with the demand for some player cards sky-high and while others act as great tools for trade for Ultimate Team’s best entrepreneurs.

In this list you’ll find a mixture of both, and so we also want to evaluate these players based on their real-life performances, whether they are in reality worth signing or not! So you can buy FIFA Coins to get them, Their performance will not let you be disappointed!


 Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League


Card Stats:

71 PAC / 80 DRI

78 SHO / 70 DEF

79 PAS / 77 PHY

Kicking off the list is Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, who has been a very popular choice in the midfield of a lot of FIFA players’ Premier League squad.

This year he’s been gifted with a very balanced and well-rounded 83 rated Ultimate Team card from EA Sports, after having to deal with a harsh 77 rating for the past three FIFA games.

At just over 1,000 coins it’s clear why so many players have been buying him in the transfer market as a reliable and popular player on the game and in real life as well.

For Arsenal Ramsey has really stepped up in the past few seasons, making it easy to see why he was upgraded by a massive six overall this year. The Welshman has become a pivotal part of the Gunners’ midfield during the absences of injury-prone Jack Wilshere among others, showing his consistency and talent this season.


 Tim Howard


Card Stats:

84 DIV / 83 REF

77 HAN / 50 SPD

76 KIC / 82 POS

The next most popular player on Ultimate Team is also the most transferred goalkeeper Tim Howard.

The 35-year-old costs an average 1,000 coins on FUT making him a wise choice when making a cheap Premier League squad for players who want to save more cash for spending on attacking players.

Howard’s popularity on Ultimate Team is quite fitting considering his new association with EA Sports in the promotion of the game, and maybe this could be the reason to why so many players have opted for his services in-game.

The American had a great first half of the year for both club and country in 2014, with another consistent season for Everton and representing the USA in Brazil during the World Cup. However, 2014 didn’t end on the greatest terms after he suffered an injury putting Howard on the sidelines for six weeks, not to mention Everton’s stuttered form so far this season.

Nevertheless, he remains one of the world’s top goalkeepers, even in his later professional years, and so is recommend in both FIFA and in the real world.




Card Stats:

76 PAC / 57 DRI

49 SHO / 84 DEF

56 PAS / 79 PHY

From FIFA’s most popular goalkeeper to La Liga’s most transferred player on Ultimate Team, Brazilian Miranda is next up on the list.

His Ultimate Team card does exactly what his stats say, and that’s defend. There’s no getting past the Atletico centre back with his 76 pace and 84 defending.

Once again, this player’s card is worth just 1,000 coins on the market right now and so many FIFA players have made the most of this in this year’s game.

If you’re looking for a cheap La Liga squad, or you want to have enough coins left to buy a Modric or a James Rodriguez but still want a great team, Miranda is the first place you should look.

The same could be said for Miranda in the real-world, a player who was part of Atletico Madrid’s title-winning team last year and one who was unlucky not to make Brazil’s World Cup squad (even if that may have been a good thing), but nevertheless a solid partnership with Diego Godin has led to a number of successes for his club.


 Juventus FC v FC Internazionale Milano  - Serie A


Card Stats: 

82 PAC / 66 DRI

52 SHO / 82 DEF

60 PAS / 77 PHY

Another centre back makes the most transferred players list in Ultimate Team and this time it’s Juventus’ Martin Caceres who has proven very popular with the FIFA community this year.

With an arguably underrated 79 overall, the Uruguayan displays similar stats to Miranda before him, with 82 pace and defending Caceres is another player who would fit right into a cheap Serie A squad for most FIFA players.

At 1,000 coins, the 27-year-old is a clear choice over some of the slower and generally low rated centre backs in the league, with only teammates Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli, alongside Roma’s Castan breaking 70 pace.

It’s those teammates who have forced Caceres to settle with playing at right-back for most of the season for Juventus, the same position which his In-Form card is issued with.

With a title-winning season in Italy and a place in Uruguay’s World Cup squad the defender would be highlighted as a worthwhile signing on paper, but there’s no evidence of him standing out as an individual just yet in the real-world.




Card Stats:

86 PAC / 83 DRI

77 SHO / 31 DEF

69 PAS / 65 PHY

QPR’s Eduardo Vargas also appeared on EA Sports’ list of highest goalscorers in Ultimate Team earlier this month and he’s back showing how popular the Chilean’s card is and how effective it has been for the many players who bought him.

The cheap alternative to Alexis Sanchez in the Premier League, the speedy striker goes for 1,000 coins on the transfer market.

With surprisingly similar stats to his Chilean teammate and four-star skills to match, you can get just as much worth out of Vargas for just one percent of Sanchez’s price. That’s a great deal if you ask me!

It doesn’t work in the same way in real life unfortunately, as Vargas has found it hard to settle at Loftus Road this season, playing in the shadow of QPR’s star player Charlie Austin for most of the season.

There’s still time for the 25-year-old to make the most of his loan from Napoli, but that time is definitely running out.




Card Stats:

87 PAC / 83 DRI

77 SHO / 39 DEF

69 PAS / 72 PHY

Ligue 1’s only representative on this list and the highest goalscorers on Ultimate Team, Alexandre Lacazette is carrying the French league all by himself in both FIFA and the real world.

At less than 1,000 coins once again, the Frenchman is a perfect choice in any Ligue 1 squad with Zlatan Ibrahimovic heavily over-priced. As the FIFA community have shown, you can get just as much out of a player rated eleven points lower.

Nevertheless Lacazette’s card is a beastly one as it is. With 87 pace and 83 dribbling, as well as four-star skills, there’s no stopping him in front of goal and many of you out there have experienced this for yourself.

A winter upgrade is very necessary for the 23-year-old, with a whopping 21 goals in 22 appearances for Lyon in Ligue 1 this season. Lacazette has become a deadly striker in France, making his 68 rating in FIFA 12 hard to imagine with his recent form in mind.




Card Stats:

80 PAC / 40 DRI

45 SHO / 78 DEF

43 PAS / 74 PHY

Here we have the first example of how different a player’s real life reputation can be compared to that on Ultimate Team.

The FIFA community have never been known to listen to the real world when it comes to which players to sign on Ultimate Team and with Felipe Santana you have this in a nutshell.

In Ultimate Team, the 750 coin Brazilian has some rather questionable stats, with three in the 40s as you can see above, but his main attributes are his towering 6ft 4” frame and 80 pace, of which no other Bundesliga gold centre backs can better.

Santana is a near unbeatable defender on Ultimate Team and certainly a popular one, as the fourth most transferred player on this list.

As stated, his FIFA reputation greatly differs from his real life counterpart’s, of which Santana has never really been an internationally recognised player.

Without a Brazil cap to his name, I wouldn’t highlight him as a player worth much time in the real world.




Card Stats:

85 PAC / 80 DRI

76 SHO / 33 DEF

71 PAS / 75 PHY

Danny Welbeck has been unlucky with his FIFA 15 card on Ultimate Team, with just a 78 rated non-rare gold card for one of England’s most capped strikers of the last few years.

Regardless, that hasn’t affected his popularity on Ultimate Team this year and at just 500 coins he’s one of the cheapest cards on this list.

Welbeck’s main attributes are his 85 pace and high defensive and attacking work rates, meaning he’ll be all over the pitch in almost no time at all, and most importantly in the best scoring positions if you can find the right pass.

Arsenal’s number 23 is the most popular BPL striker, but only the fifth highest goalscorer in Ultimate Team since September behind the likes of Lukaku and Daniel Sturridge.

The 24-year-old had a strong start to his Arsenal career showing promising signs in front of the Gunners fans, but since has only managed four goals in 16 league appearances.

Nevertheless, there’s still time to completely justify his summer signing and as an established England striker it can only get better for Danny Welbeck this year. 




Card Stats: 

83 PAC / 60 DRI

35 SHO / 75 DEF

60 PAS / 77 PHY

Most leagues have the one overpowered centre back and this year the title goes to the QPR defender in the Premier League.

After David Luiz’s exit from the Premier League after FIFA 14, the FIFA community have been looking for a direct replacement and in Nedum Onuoha they’ve found one.

His 1,000 coin card boasts 83 pace and 84 strength which have been the reasons for many FIFA players’ clean sheets in Ultimate Team, and most would usually go for this player in any cheap BPL squad.

The 28-year-old has been bought more times than any other Premier League player on FIFA 15 and this isn’t that surprising when you think about how effective his card is for the price.

Onuoha has had a topsy-turvy career, let alone season in the real world, having once played for Manchester City during their takeover period, although after spending last season in the Championship with QPR you couldn’t say he’d get back into the City team today.




Card Stats:

86 PAC / 77 DRI

76 SHO / 37 DEF

68 PAS / 73 PHY

Adrian Ramos has been the undisputed King of Ultimate Team this year in FIFA 15, topping both this list of most transferred players and being the highest goalscorer of 2014!

I couldn’t tell you why this has been the case, but you can’t compete against the fact that he’s been the most popular player with the FIFA community.

The combination of pace and power are the 28-year-old’s main assets and they’ve undoubtedly been used to great effect by the thousands of players who have relied on them.

Once again, it’s been a whole different story in the real world for Ramos, like Santana and Onuoha before him, and maybe this once’s even worse.

The Colombian arrived at Dortmund last summer and since then they’ve endured a torrid time in the Bundesliga, with Ramos only contributing two goals in 16 games leaving his team in relegation zone to the football world’s utter shock.

In this case, Ultimate Team and reality couldn’t be further away on the footballing spectrum. But I guess that’s FIFA for you!

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