WOW Power Leveling services

Today Patch 5.4.7 went live in the North American Region.After the maintenance, a new service in the in-game store became available.

I already talked about the Paid Level 90 Boost before, just to sum up, every player that purchases the Warlords of Draenor expansion once it becomes available, is entitled to one free Level 90 boost for either a freshly-created or an existing character.

We already knew about this service, but pricing was unavailable until now.Should you want to purchase a Level 90 character without having to level it, you will need to pay 60$.Maybe the prices will go down after a while, but I think they’re high for the time being.I mean paying for a Level 90 character more than for a new expansion is kinda wicked, but we’ll see.

Eliminating third-party WOW Power Leveling services?This feature can become crucial for third-party leveling services that offer character leveling via powerleveling and botting.It’s going to be a GG for Blizzard, because I can see a player rather paying Blizz than risking their account paying another company to do the leveling for them.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the new Service being available by clicking on the small Shop icon that was added in 5.4.7 right above the Addons button in the bottom left corner.

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