The List : 5 Ways MMOs Will SurviveThe List : 5 Ways MMOs Will Survive

May 29, 2012



MMOs these days are having a hard time…some of them anyway. Studios are closing. Developers are being laid off. The news seems all gloom and doom. We think, however, that there are ways that the MMO-niverse will keep on keepin’ on. See what we think in our latest edition of The List.

5. F2P is Happening

Like it or not, free to play or, at the very least, item shops are going to be a trend in the MMO space. Whether upcoming MMOs take on the full F2P experience or whether they incorporate convenience items similar to what Guild Wars 2 is planning to bring into the space, elements of the free to play movement are leaking into our MMOs. It’s something we’re all going to have to get used to and will either have to accept or reject it.