Secrets of Radiant Hall ArrivesSecrets of Radiant Hall Arrives

June 4, 2012

CABAL Online devs have released the Secrets of Radiant Hall update. The new update features a pair of new dungeons, a revamped UI, custom key bindings, an improved party search, daily quests and a host of other bug fixes and optimizations.

Continuing with the storyline and content introduced in previous updates, Secrets of Radiant Hall gives players the opportunity to uncover the secrets behind the Phantasmal clan — an evil force threatening to destabilise the world. With the truth hidden deep inside Radiant Hall, a new 7-man raiding dungeon, players will need to overcome a series of challenging obstacles that stand in their way, each more difficult than the last. Those who succeed will leave with fame and fortune. While those that fail face the wrath of Drosnin, the fire-breathing dragon!

The specifics of the Secrets of Radiant Hall update can be found at the official site.