Stress Test!Stress Test!

June 4, 2012



Last week, ArenaNet conducted a stress test for Guild Wars 2. The object was, as with all stress tests, to try to break the servers. See what we think about what we saw during this event and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.


Last week ArenaNet had a little stress test for Guild Wars 2, and boy was it stressful. Seriously, AHHHHH! Hah ha no just kidding it wasn’t that stressful, unless you’re one of the devs. It was a nice one day event that helped both ArenaNet, and players find more issues to patch things up a bit. It wasn’t a huge event. Just think of it as them trying to find every issue that hides in the game. They weren’t looking for our opinions on balancing the professions. There were a lot of things that did come up for players, so let’s take a look at what was found.