Hall of Monuments Reward your Guild Wars 2 characters

June 11, 2012

In the Hall of Monuments, a revered chamber in the Far Shiverpeaks, trophies and tapestries celebrate the victories and achievements of heroes. 250 years in the future, the glory of your previous deeds still shines through the ages. you can see what rewards your Guild Wars 2 characters will inherit from your Guild Wars account!
Guild Wars 2 rewards are based on the achievements and honors accumulated by all the characters on your Guild Wars account. These are collected in the Hall of Monuments, which is available in Guild Wars: Eye of the North. As many Guild Wars players know, the Hall of Monuments is an instanced location, a massive trophy vault that is personalized to your characters. The Hall commemorates your achievements in Eye of the North, the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall. The monuments in the Hall are worth points that you can use to provide your Guild Wars 2 characters with exclusive titles, companions, and items.

Now you can use the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator to understand how the benefits are calculated on guild wars gold, determine what rewards you’ve unlocked, and discover what other items will be available when Guild Wars 2 launches. You just have to enter a valid character name from your Guild Wars account to get started!
The rewards that your Guild Wars 2 characters earn are exclusive to the Hall of Monuments and can’t be picked up or earned anywhere else. Depending on your Guild Wars gold characters’ history, you can unlock:
• Special Hall of Monuments titles
• Animal companions for your ranger, like the Black Widow Spider and Rainbow Jellyfish
• Miniatures such as the Red Servitor Golem or Orange Tabby Cat, that any profession can use
• A wide selection of weapons, like the Living Shortbow and the Fellblade
• Armor pieces for your light, medium, and heavy armor sets
Your new Guild Wars 2 characters will be able to use these low-level items and armor right away, and we’ll provide you with the means to use these special items as you advance to higher levels.