The animations and attacking movements are superb

One of the best MMORPGS I have ever played. The graphics are amazing, items are great. All in all, the Guild wars 2 game was a blast to play. Guild War is a 3D MMORPG with massive action. This game offers a wonderful graphics and a jocund adventure. Guild Wars also contain a variety of weapons and armors. If you like pvp you will love this little pve especially end game pve. The graphics absolutely beautiful and the interface are great! Arena should have not stopped making campaigns when they started on Guild Wars2. The graphics were top notch for years and the PvP can still not be matched any Asian grinder. Guild Wars is the best of the free MMORPG’s that you will get at the moment. Its graphics are very good for the type of game that it is.

The animations to spells and attacking movements are superb compared to many MMO’s. Strangely the game will get boring very quickly, probably due to the low endgame level of 20, and the repeatative killing that is done. This was the mmorpg picked up and when I first played it I was really impressed. The graphics and the scenery are amazing, and I could spend hours just wondering around a particular area admiring the scenery. The class system was really well designed and has set Guild wars apart from all other mmorpgs. The game is really easy to pick up and the tutorials are very clear and put you straight in the action. I also liked the back story and really immersed myself in the lore of the game (something I haven’t done with any game since).

The backstory also comes at a price, for in order to proceed; you have to follow the storyline, which makes the game quite constrictive. This isn’t helped by the game being mostly instanced. Although this does reduce lag and protect players from abuse, it practically destroys the social aspect of the game. This is fine for solo players but I like to group with other people, not just NPCs. The gear and crafting systems were interesting and while I never felt like I had crafted anything (I just traded the items for the piece of gear I wanted) I really liked being able to dye my amour any way I liked, especially when you have enough Guild wars 2 gold.