With enough Runescape Gold, you will beat up your enemies

July 9, 2012

The Triumvirate Gathering is an entirely player run party, which really shows what the Triumvirate is all about. Hosted by Sun Sioux, Jonesdawiz and Pro Reaver this epic party offers a great opportunity to meet the members of the Triumvirate and learn more about them. You can find out more about the event in the Realm vs. Realm 2 forum thread. We’ve got two epic RuneScape Triumvirate events lined up for you this weekend… As long as you have abundant Runescape Gold and master some useful tips about this game, chances are great that you are going to beat up your enemies. Yes, the Triumvirate will come together in the spirit of having a big messy fight and compete in a series of Soul Wars matches.

The challenge will be running all weekend and is the perfect opportunity to hurl abuse at other factions and gain some well deserved influence in the process. You can find more details on the Triumvirate Challenge Soul Wars forum thread. For the last week, the free-for-all Clan Wars Arena has been subject to incidences of zombies rising up to attack the living. We’ve even received reports that members of the J Mod team have succumbed to the zombie infection and are leading the undead! It’s not all doom and gloom, though! With the help of players, the remaining uninfected J Mods believe that they have found a cure to this zombie outbreak and they’re looking for your help to put the cure into action.

This Sunday (31st October) at 8pm, the J Mods will be meeting up for the final Alpha Base. From there, it’ll be time to bring the fight to the zombies for the ultimate showdown. The question is: will you fight with the uninfected and destroy the zombies…or will you side with the undead? The choice is yours! We’ll be keeping you updated on the Forum thread and we’ll be giving you some extra insights via the RuneScape Page. If you want to buy Runescape Gold with fast delivery, take a look at our website and you will definitely get what you want.