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With the dynamic event system, there is no rigid order that you need to follow. You see an event in front of you? Go participate in it; there will be absolutely no pre-requisites for it. Or don’t participate, and move on, find some other event that might be more to your liking. Any thing in the entire zone is completely open to you; you can do them in any order and skip any of them that you don’t like. Freedom! You can also skip zones as long as you can handle the level of the monsters you are fighting.

One can see how this could be much more engaging than walking up to an NPC, right-clicking, and staring at the screen looking for the “kill X of Y” version of the current Guild Wars 2 Gold quest. That said, if written well, I do like reading about the people, creatures, artifacts etc. of the world in-depth and at my own pace. Hopefully Guild Wars 2 will have a lot of books that we can collect like we can in Sky rim or has CODEX entries added as in Mass Effect/SW:TOR/etc. The objective of most quests is to carry out a task like killing 10 of a certain type of mob or collecting 10 of a type of object.

So you go to the quest area, you clear out the spider infestation by killing 10 of them but there are like 40 more around you. You don’t care though; your quest is done and you are already on your way back to the NPC to collect your reward. This is OK for an open world based multi-player game. What’s not OK is for there to be 10 spiders only (to make “clear spider infestation” sound meaningful) because if you kill them all for your Guild Wars 2 Gold quest, that leaves no spiders to be killed by other players who need them for their quest. Is there no middle ground? Few of the possible solutions are instancing, phasing and dynamic events.