Forces to fight for the resource against fellow playersForces to fight for the resource against fellow players

It is common for me to wait my turn to access a Guild wars 2 quest object or wait for a quest mini-boss to spawn so that I can tag it and finish my quest. The more people who are on the same quest, the more time I and people behind me are going to have to wait. This goes against the kind of the game we are playing – massively multi-player. Instead of rewarding us for finding ourselves in a big group of players playing in the same area it punishes us and forces us to fight for the resource against our fellow players. We start wishing we were alone so that we can have the mini-boss all to ourselves. We hate the player who has spammable AoE skill because she can tag mobs so easily.

More interestingly, while some changes that happen to the world in response to our success or failure at such events are temporary (things reset after say half an hour), many are permanent (things don’t reset until players take steps to fix them). These changes that we see in the world differ based on which step of the event chain players have failed at. In the dynamic event system on the other hand, you just have to be present in the area to participate. It doesn’t matter who else is there, but wait…it does matter, because now it is better if there are other players around us as the event scales up with number of players who are participating, making it much more fun and everybody who participates gets rewarded equally in the end (no mob tagging or kills steals).

The Guild Wars 2 gold quests have to be designed to be completed by one player at a time, so it is hard to design an encounter with five or ten different things happening at the same time. Even the mini “bosses” required for some quests have to be solo-able. It is possible to make solo encounters extremely challenging but MMORPGs rarely do that, whereas the scope of the encounter has to be limited for solo play. The beauty of dynamic events is that they can simply scale up and present bigger and interesting challenges (like a lot more bandits attacking the caravan from all different sides or a whole town getting set on fire) when there are more players around the area.