How to protect your account in the gameHow to protect your account in the game

However we like to protection ourselves and others about these things in order to protect our own accounts from hacking attempts as well as monitor where the economy is going. Botting affects prices more than you would think. This happened in wow as well. This main affects prices of raw materials and gold in general. From our sources, a ban wave is coming in the next few weeks or possibly right before the RMAH comes out.There are various key points in the video, but we will focus on the account security part since we feel this is the most important thing to take away from this 35 minute interview.

First of all, use a completely separate login for yourBattle. Make sure it is different than your login for any websites you visit, Diablo related or not. Personally we use strong passwords for our logins, sometimes randomly generated by programs and copy/paste them into the field. Above all else, attach an authentication to your account as well. We suspect your login information was stolen long before the game came out. Once the game was out, all of these logins were tested to see if they worked. Even at a 1% success rate, it comes out to 10,000 accounts. Just look at all the hacked people posting on the official forums and NONE of them had an authenticator.

What’s more: get an authentication. I have been preaching this for years and those those that played wow. Account security is one of the first sections we worked on for our guide (release date soon). What’s the point of making hundreds of millions of gold if you are at risk of losing it any minute? So the thing you need to do is that take away from this change your login info and get an authenticator. Using an anti-virus program like AVG or Avast before doing so. Both have free verious of their software. By following these tips, we have never been hacked.Be safe out there!