Ranger use great sword to take on spirit of eagleRanger use great sword to take on spirit of eagle

Skills are now primarily associated with weapons. If your character can swing a great sword, then that weapon will provide you with five different skills to use in combat. The fascinating thing is, though, that if a different class uses that same weapon, it will have five completely different skills for guild wars powerleveling! A Ranger may use a great sword to take on the spirit of an eagle and sweep into combat from a long way away, while a Mesmer may cause a great sword to float between her outstretched arms and fire a purple laser beam at range!

Updates have been made to general game play and design, as well. Overflow server technology is now being made functional by the ability to see when party members are on overflow worlds, travel to those party members’ worlds, and stick together between zones. Chat has been improved with chat bubbles, map chat, and an update to local chat. Those of you who’ve been waiting on key-binding functionality will find that it’s got a new interface (which includes the binding of modifier keys, thank the five gods). Skills have been split into three tiers, so players now have to unlock a certain number of skills on one tier to be able to unlock any skills on the next level, in order to encourage a sense of progression and to make adding new skills more feasible in the future.

Each one of the ‘zones’ on your skill bar (weapons, healing, utility, and elite) has limited the number of choices that you can make, cutting way down on the clutter and confusion of the original game. It isn’t just an improvement on the old system, though; it is a completely new system that feels totally unique in the MMO market while still feeling natural and intuitive. Guild Wars 2 powerleveling goes way beyond all other MMOs in this area of multi-player, though. In other games, you are forced to belong to a strong guild or else hunt for groups of strangers to play with if you want to tackle some of the more difficult quests or challenging bosses in the game.