The skills and special skills for EngineerThe skills and special skills for Engineer

Engineers are technological and alchemical masterminds. They employ turrets, grenades, elixirs, a variety of other impressive devices, and concoctions to overcome their enemies. As an adventurer profession, engineers wear medium armor. The engineer’s tool belt is this profession’s mechanic. It appears above the profession’s skill bar, granting each equipped utility and healing skill a corresponding extra skill. For example, when paired with the Grenade Kit during the Guild Wars 2 powerleveling, the tool belt allows a Grenade Barrage; with the med kit, it adds a Bandage Self.

Their special skills include Weapon kits — these are a type of utility skill that replaces the currently equipped weapon (and their skills) with a new weapon. There are three weapon kits available; the Flamethrower, the Elixir Gun, and the Tool Kit. Device kits — these are a type of utility skill that replaces the currently equipped weapon (and their skills) with more specialized skills. There are four different device kits in total; the Bomb Kit, the Grenade Kit, the Med Kit, and the Mine Kit. Elixirs – these are a type of skill, which induces a random effect upon its use. These random effects are dependent upon the skill used as the skill determines the pool of possible effects. Tool belt skills are always a modified version of the corresponding elixir that can be thrown to effect.

Turrets — deploy immobile allied devices that help defend and control an area. The amount of active turrets is limited by the amount of turret skills equipped, though only one turret of each type can be active at the same time. Turrets can be packed up and moved to different locations by interacting with it, and triggered to self-destruct by using the skill again during the GW 2 power leveling. Each turret also grants a Tool belt skill to improve the turret’s effectiveness; For example, the Rifle Turret’s tool belt skill is Automatic Fire. Masters of mechanical mayhem, engineers tinker with explosives, gadgets, elixirs, and all manner of deployable devices. They can take control of an area by placing turrets, support their allies with alchemic weaponry, or lay waste to foes with a wide array of mines, bombs, and grenades.