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July 15, 2012

This has to be one of the most exciting but dangerous bits of Runescape. This is the area north of the map in which players can attack each other providing they are within level of eachother. By this mean they may be in a suitable depth of the wilderness to attack each other. This means a level 126 (highest level) cannot attack and probably kill a level 3 (lowest level) in one shot in level 1 Wilderness. In fact this can’t happen at all, as the wilderness doesn’t go up to a high enough level. Here is an example of what i am trying to explain: You have a level 10 and a level 15. They must be in a Wilderness level of at least 5 to attack eachother. Level 4 and they can’t. This calls for all levels, so always do your maths before thinking “OMG a low level! I can attack him!” OR “OMG no! I better run, that guys level is higher than mine and he can attack me!”

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