Effort and focus are two of the most important aspects of Runescape

July 25, 2012

We will also be looking for ‘notable noobs’ – players who aren’t necessarily going to be the best, but who have given it their best shot and proven that effort and focus are two of the most important aspects of RuneScape. Those notable noobs that do take part will have the chance of winning a RuneScape goodie bag! There is also a chance to send in screenshots of the best moments of the challenges, from choreographed group photos to ridiculous skilling poses. It’s a skilling bonanza! To take part, all you need to do is head over to the Skilling Challenges thread found in the Events forum, sign up and play as much as you like over the challenge weekends.

If you like the idea of these challenges then you should also check out our official ongoing ‘Skilling Ladder’ for clans, and ‘Club 99’, a mentor scheme focused on helping players achieve the goal of getting a 99! Are you ready for the return of one of the greatest PKing events of all time? On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May we’re inviting all clans, Wilderness lovers, combat experts and collectors of shiny loot to join us for a PKRI (Player-Killer Run-In) free-for-all in the Wilderness. As the clan ladder is being postponed and there are many clans and players looking for a fight, the PKRI event will be a perfect opportunity for you to show your mettle.

The previous PKRI event we held was a great success with 50,000 players participating and we want to beat that. It will be a challenge but we know you are up to it. This is also the perfect time to send invites to any clans or players you have a score to settle with. Who has the stamina to last through the major battles that will be taking place? Who will defend against those clans that will crash the battles to add that much more mayhem? All are welcome! This is where warriors of RuneScape are made. Speed is everything! You place your order and wait for the delivery right away! No delay! We make every effort to bring you cheapest RS Gold you can find on the internet!