Diablo 3 Error 1

July 26, 2012


Finally, Diablo 3′s error code 1 has been revealed to us in what seems to be a massive EU server meltdown. All servers in the EU are down without any warnings and a bit later, we’re hit with another maintenance update.So here it is: Error 1: There was an error creating your own party! Of course, a vocal minority at the forums feel that error N1 was buying Diablo3 inthe first place. Most would agree however that server uptime in the EU has been terrible. The server busy errors start around 4pm and don’t go away until 11 or 12! Note: Your guest pass gives you 30 days of free Diablo 3 play! Sign up now – play for free

The exodus is apparently tangible enough that Blizzard made a statement about players’ frustrations with replayability and end-game content, derailing the media buzz over allegedly wrongly banned Linux users who have neither received a detailed response regarding their bans nor a refund. Anyone who caught wind of that fiasco would probably want to steer clear of a game with such poor customer support, that’s not including gamers who have and are losing money to the grey areas of the Real-Money Auction House.

 Blizzard plans to remedy the rapidly declining user base with PvP and additional content planned to release in upcoming patches for the game. These declining player numbers can’t look good for the shareholders, especially withKorea’s FTC still investigating Blizzard and internet cafe owners mounting a very real class-action lawsuit against the software giant. I don’t even know if an offline mode will save the game at this point. But hopefully this is a wakeup call for Blizzard to just focus on making a good game and leave all the anti-consumerist, pro-corporate bullcrap on the cutting room floor. Our website is a professional shop for selling the cheap gold and the others you need for have a good game time!