The Background of World of Warcraft

August 27, 2012

After having a successful to the release of Warcraft, Blizzard disappeared and came back with Warcraft two couples of years later. The universe is expanded by the tides of darkness, the new characters and species are introduced and the game is made more involved than ever before. Revolve around the game was Blizzard’s belief and they consider that multiplayer gaming will be the wave of the future. There is no game ever before have so much attention to the multiplayer aspect. Even people are not familiar with the concept of the Internet, but this was back in the late 90’s. So we can say that Blizzard was walk on the head of the concept of multiplayer games.

World of warcraft is totally different from other games. Because you are playing with other real people instead play against the computer. Another feature is when you play you should pay to keep you logging in or buys pre-paid playing time – from a business point of view Blizzard really hit a home run on this one! Blizzard Inc rocked the game world with warcraft 15 years ago: a real time strategy game, Orcs Vs Humans; the requirement of considering strategy more than ever before and in a depth story line. It will surprise you that the first version of warcraft was arrived before the popular command and conquer franchise.

The developers spent time on warcraft to build a universe that the action happens. In order to creating the universe, they have added depth rarely seen in other games. It seems that the story is quite basic first time, and the lord of the rings was consisted of a mixture of medieval technology and a healthy dose of fantasy. Compared with the preceding versions of warcraft, the game play has altered a bit from to control a single character. As a member ofAllianceor the Horde, in the beginning you should choose which side you are going to play. There are advantages and disadvantages for each species, so it’s your right to select which one you go with. To make your avatar to become bigger, stronger and own more skills to take on ever harder quests are the aim to build up the attributes.