Old curmudgeon of the genre, combat and wildlife genocide

August 30, 2012

It is easy to see why this element of RuneScape is one of its driving successes, and this is also helped in that there isn’t one firm server/realm that players choose to play on. Upon entering the game, you have the choice as to which location you wish to play and these individual “worlds” can range anywhere from trading or RP specific. By allowing anyone to jump in and out, the population essentially opens up to the that play each day, and with the trade system integrating into each, it’s simple to see why this works so well. With this element in place, bartering with other players becomes one of mass-audience supply and demand and this makes trading a very valuable and easy to approach aspect of game play.

So with all these directions and avenues of play style, there is little wonder why RuneScape has kept an active community for near on a decade. There just seems so many layers to the game and the various forms of ‘fluff’ (ranging from skills or user made activities) lends to the sense that this is a real fantasy world that you are inhabiting and this is one thing that many games, at current, simply lack. But for all of the many and varied pursuits on offer in RuneScape, we come back to that old curmudgeon of the genre, combat and wildlife genocide. This element of the game follows the traditional physical and magical abilities and in turn, both are governed by a single or handful of skills.

Starting with the traditional weapon-based aggression, this is achieved by progressing your Combat, Defense, and Strength stats, all of which are furthered by dealing horrific blows to an opposing creature. I feel that this element of the game is one of the shortcomings of Runescape in that it just feels rather bland. In the fairness, battles never take too much time to complete but the genre feels slightly passed clicking an enemy and watching two swords clunk mercilessly into opposing body forms.