Esamir UnleashedEsamir Unleashed

October 27, 2012

Last week, Sony Online Entertainment partnered with to bring our readers the first ever look at the Esamir map. Today we’ve got a full preview of the location and some of our thoughts about PlanetSide 2 overall. Read on and then add your voice to the comments!

Have you ever jumped into a TV series halfway through the season, and found that you kind of know what’s going and who the major players are, but you’ve got a lot of catching up to do to understand the nuances of the show?  That’s how I feel when playing the PlanetSide 2 beta, having a general sense of what to do and where to go but lacking the hard-fought allegiances and knowledge of gameplay minutiae sported by veterans of the original PlanetSide.  Granted, PS2 is pretty easy to get into for anyone who plays modern FPS games, and the game’s main objective – take over and defend locations in the game’s persistent world and troll other players while doing so – is pretty straightforward.  Still, the deeper aspects of gameplay, such as tactical squad considerations for attacking a base, best use of vehicles, and small things like the ability to teleport to “hotspot” contested locations for instant action, take some time to get used to.