Guild Wars 2 : Raising the BarGuild Wars 2 : Raising the Bar

October 31, 2012




This summer’s hottest release was Guild Wars 2. We’ve spent the last few weeks giving a few thoughts about the game in our Review in Progress series. Today we wrap it all up and present the official review for your perusal. Read it in its entirety and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guild Wars 2 lives up to its hype. If our reviews were one sentence in length, that would be “all she wrote”. I’ve been tallying my adventures, offering insight to the ups and downs of my time in Tyria for weeks now. Finally, I feel confident that I’ve spent enough time in the game’s myriad of systems to offer my own conclusive thoughts in just how much mustard ArenaNet’s sequel cuts.  It won’t be the game for everyone, but it has most definitely proven itself as a compelling next step in the evolution of the theme-park MMORPG. Nearly everything it does, it does with aplomb and swagger. When throughout my weekly logs, I found myself harping on about server queues for World vs. World as the main annoyance; it became apparent to me that my biggest gripe about the game was that a feature was too popular. Guild Wars 2 has and is going to change a lot now that it’s out in the wild and being enjoyed by millions, but as it stands today and after 70+ hours with my characters, this is how I see things.  Please read on, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.