The Repopulation : Latest Update is a Big OneThe Repopulation : Latest Update is a Big One

November 18, 2012

  The Repopulation team has posted the July update, a beast of an article that features a look at the massive amount of work that has been done on the game in the last thirty days. Among other things, The Repopulation may start seeing new testers as the devs look to expand the pool.
Our primary focus this month was on combat. We took a look at every skill line and ability and tweaked where necessary to bring balance to each line, and to provide functionality where it was missing. We added the ability to double tap a movement key to dive in that direction, with an accompanying bonus that scales with your Acrobatics skill. Postures (Stand/Kneel/Prone) have been separated from abilities, and are now more reactive and easier to work with. Action Mode also received a slew of improvements. Next month will feature even more combat improvements as we delve into an energy weapon/shield revamp.