Wizardry Online : Touring the BetaWizardry Online : Touring the Beta

January 1, 2013





Wizardry Online is not a game for carebears, at least that’s how it’s being billed. Given its permadeath nature, it’s a aimed squarely at hardcore folks. We had a chance for a guided tour of Wizardry Online and have lots to share. See what you think before leaving your comments.
This week I had the pleasure to be invited to participate in a developer-led tour of the upcoming MMO Wizardry Online. To be completely honest, the extent that this game has been on my radar has been something along the lines of “Didn’t I used to play single player RPGs with that name? They’re making an MMO out of it? That could be interesting, I’ll have to look into it one of these days…” And of course I never got around to looking into it and knew absolutely nothing about it when I got the invite. In a way though I think that may have worked out for the best as I went in with no misconceptions or expectations and had an open mind about what I would be shown. I have to admit I was pretty intrigued by the idea of permadeath and other things I had caught hint of. But anyway, I’ll get to that later…