EA Rumored for Sale

January 2, 2013

According to a news article at the New York Post, gaming giant Electronic Arts is quietly exploring sale options. With the rumors flying today, EA’s stock has risen about 10%. EA is reportedly in early talks with KKR and Providence Equity Partners.


Providence is the owner of Bethesda.

Like its rivals, 30-year-old EA has been challenged by the changes roiling the traditional gaming business. Sales of hardware consoles and software have slumped along with the rise in popularity of mobile and casual games that users can play for free online. Consumers are also buying fewer $60 games.


Now that mid-2012 has arrived, we’ve got a few prognostications to share with our readers about what we think the future, the short-term future anyway, holds for the F2P market. See what you think and then weigh in with your ideas in the comments.
It’s not difficult to find people who think buy to play is the way of the not too distant future, and who regard GW2 as the title that will establish this type of business model as a major alternative to both subscription and F2P, or perhaps as a replacement for the latter. Indeed, it seems certain that those who hold this opinion will expound it repeatedly as we move toward the late August launch date announced last week. But will what they’re hoping for actually happen, or will it turn out to be wishful thinking, largely by the same people who, not so long ago, could be seen saying over and over that F2P would never be viable in this hemisphere?