There are two ways to speed up in banking

February 19, 2013

At present, i can’t find that feeling back. G group is blocking the way. There is no guild group position. Died mines, prison, ZUL and crush. Then G buys equipment. We become workers from bosses. We work for other fast food shops. A lot of fast knights are insulting this career. When independent camp kills little number, you rid on your golden horse and step over their died bodies, neglected their shuts in general channel. You don’t care of their feeling.

Here I want to talk about the Slayer experience in the game Runescape , and hope that can help you to get more RS gold in this game .First of you ,you should reach Your Full Potential: With the right playing style, you can reach 25k or even 30k slayer experience in an hour without getting those crazy stats. It all has to do with minimizing the time you spend not attacking.

Secondly, you need to grasp the opportunity to pick up drops. There is a way you can pick up drops without interrupting the combat, which can allow you always stay in combat. After you kill a monster, you should attack another. Right after, you should run a few steps away and attack them again. Repeat that until you reach the drop you want to pick up. Once you hit the monster, please pick up the drops and attack the monster again. If you have done it correctly, you should continue to fight in the last time.

Thirdly, you should know how to get a new task, the best way to get a new task is to use a ferocious ring to teleport Kuradal. If you cannot do it, you should use the NPC contact and use your best option. Both these methods can help you to save your time for RS gold, and it’s your choice which one to use. I find I have an excess of ferocious rings at that time, so I choose to use the ferocious ring method. Right after receiving your next task, you should pick up any drops and teleport your house. Take the portal or item which can bring you close to your new task and then run to the monster’s location.

Last but not least, you should know to how to minimize time spent on banking. There are two ways to speed up in banking, one is very impractical and the other requires a lot of organization. Both of them involve the deposit and all function. If you have any potential slayer drop in your bank and you are confident to pick a few items which worth much RS gold to keep in your inventory, you can deposit all the drops without affecting your teleports and pots. To do this, you need a full bank that does not have any of the items you wish to keep in your inventory. This method is impractical however, at max it can speeds up slayer by 1%. The other method involved to make the deposit and quickly withdraw it when you need. Anyway, simply organizing your slayer items will help you save many hours in the gameAround Azeroth What I did on my winter vacation SUNDAY