5.2 world BOSS udaya stark by strategy

March 30, 2013

Drop items level: 522 levels of team a copy of the equipment.
Drop rare mounts: blue original Angle of dragon the REINS
The team configuration:
60 + people: 3 + 12 + 45 + T DPS treatment (considering the wild boss open)
Professional task:
Tank: monk sunder armor impact is low, and every time the flame shock has compression has more advantages.
Ride for Tanzania better treatment: milk, milk, animal husbandry group fill better, god milk for melee cluster brush with blood.
DPS: monomer is no obvious difference in timber, can you provide team cut injury skill is preferred; In addition, the knight blessings and warlock portal is crucial.
Professional advantage
Tanks monk: very low dependence on armor basic skills can ignore the weight of it, and every time the flame armour can have compression to absorb shock, in team under pressure can provide compassion when asylum is free of injury.
Three knights: sacrifice, to save, protect, aura mastery of skills, the team has a certain number of knights can greatly relieve the strain on late combat stress.
Sp birds: the output of the good and the self-preservation ability, also can give the team some h. auxiliary ability, can solve some late roar of filling pressure.
Departments of thieves: good range and the output of the self-preservation ability, smoke changes make a thief can provide scarce team skills is free of injury.
A) the basic stance
Tanks to pull boss faces the outside, no stand in front of 180 degrees, melee cluster behind the boss (remote is not enough in theory named melee);
Remote to 3 for 1 set of overlapping stance a point, the distance between each group interval 8 yards above, avoid the beam named above 3 people.
B) tanks task allocation
Boss will sunder armor laminated and immune to taunt, but tanks on their hatred increases 100%, the current temple to establish maintain the enmity;
Mandatory change T consider the T stop, save the warlock portal and hatred from the first.
Flame damage from impact 800000 relatively frequent, arranged to reduce injury skills to deal with, also need to pay attention to as the time boss battle damage will be more and more high.
C) distribution of treatment strategies
First focus well boss, keep yourself in the roar can read article in time spell interrupt counter 10 s.
Before, during and after the tank pressure: flame shock absorption and keep the tank safety health injury effect;
Roll pressure: every 20 s named 2 consecutive beams, support each other can have roared team in next round before calling on 300000 safe blood line 3 (late group name will die 1);
Group fill pressure: puncture after roaring blood line on their responsible for your team to 300000, to avoid light workers attendance, roared the late rounds to arrange team skills, and personal injury reduction.
D) the DPS distribution strategy
Remote output, according to group distribution of 8 yards disperse stand pile piercing roar note interrupt itself before casting and open good leading skills, magic absorption is open only when the beam is named. Combat process:
This battle we need to deal with the pressure tanks and hatred, control, maintain a good team in beam and calling the aoe was safe blood lines under the action of alternating avoid attrition, in order to udaya stark gain superposition unsustainable damage before it struck.