World of warcraft expansion there are at least three

March 30, 2013

Recently, blizzard entertainment game design director Tom Chilton to accept the foreign media interview. Below is the interview transcript:
Low automatically reduce the level of equipment and person attribute in order to allow players to experience the old content has always been one of content of glass plan implementation. But the corresponding function still does not have a specific timetable
Low in new production at the beginning of the expansion concrete patch has already been decided, but how to be flexible according to the actual arrangement. However, the expansion to the whole the plot of the route is to book already
Low will butt down normally 3 instalments are to do some planning accordingly. Although there are limitations, such as the expansion theme, some main function will be determined. Of course, the plan always couldn’t catch up with change, so will not spend too much time on the plan
Low and Raytheon Raytheon island related content has been planned as early as a year ago. Patch 5.2 development work has started five months ago, this includes the details of items and the design of the new function
“Some content will be added to temporary in the actual development. Fight club is, for example, in the 5.1 development a whim to join in the game
Low 5.2 development work is, in fact also experienced some change, mainly for the convenience of players is more reasonable to catch up with other players. The second is for the convenience of people practicing the trumpet.