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Even though World of Warcfraft has lost in the region of 800,000 players in the last quarter, it’s still the biggest MMO out there by far. And it is still managing to generate Blizzard a ton of money every month just from subscription charges.

Just how much money WoW brings in isn’t known exactly, but how about if I told you Blizzard generated $26 million from players who just wanted to make their accounts more secure?

Those millions have been generated from the sale of the Authenticator, which apparently 40% of WoW players now use. The Authenticator is a small electronic device that displays a code when a button is pressed that players input to access their account. In so doing, their account is less prone to being hacked due to the two-factor authentication it allows. As it’s a small and portable device, meaning you can attach it to a key chain and take it with you, making WoW login possible anywhere.

To get one of these Authenticators Blizzard demands $6.50 on the Blizzard store, but they’ve been nice enough to offer free delivery. That’s not much on a per player basis, but when millions of players buy them you can see how $26 million can be generated alongside those healthy subscription charges.

Checking out the Blizzard online store you can see a whole range of other non-game items to purchase. Collectibles, books, tabletop games, even apparel. Blizzard is clearly milking the World of Warcraft IP for all it’s worth, and will cotninue to do so for the foreseeable future.