Finding the right metal – Easy WoW Mining

April 1, 2013

It all waters down to mining when you think of making gold from gathering professions, but you always think, what shall I mine today? That’s where you can make a great difference in your money made for that day. The adaminite will always be rocking the auction house ore prices, but what about that lonely fel iron that never gets noticed but is always in high demand? This is where you can make a good choice to find the ore you want to mine for the day.

First off, let’s check the auction house. Decide on a good ore around your level that you’re able to farm without dying from aggroing too many mobs before getting even a whack at the mine; a good place to check for that is at WoWHead.

Once you decide on your ore, take a good look at the auction house for a few days if you would be wanting to make some good money, and see how the price goes up and down on your server and find which day is the best to sell your ore for the highest price during peak times. Also, check around your guild, your buddy list and some people you know would be wanting the ore you mine so you’re able to make a quick sale and make a bit more gold in the process probably!

Once you decide your ore that you may be thinking would be selling for a lot of gold that day, check the demand. Mine a stack of it, smelt it if you would like, and set it up on the auction house for a reasonable price and still make money off it. Check how fast it sells from the time you put it up, if it sells relatively quickly it might be a good idea to farm that ore today; then, compare it to another, similar ore around the same level that might be selling for the same price or a little higher and check the times. Decide on the ore you would want to mine today, and set off with pick upon back and get ready to whack some mines!

Here’s a little list from the usual prices, that would be selling more than the others. The top would happen to be the highest sellers, while the lowest would have the lowest prices.