Skinning: The Grinders Love

April 1, 2013

Of the few gathering professions there are in World of Warcraft, skinning is one of the most efficient and better profitable professions there is. Skinning is possible to make good gold at any level with just a few tips in mind and a few good places to farm those animals’ skins.

Before we start off with some places a good way to get some skins, let’s start with some things to keep in mind before going to skin. Before heading off to skin, make sure your bags are clear of the things you don’t need for skinning and have optimal bag space to get in multiple junk items from monster loot and also places for lots of skins. It is a must to be able to pick up anything possible, for you may see a blue drop and your bags are full of valuable items you can’t destroy! You don’t want to lose that blue, nor your large stack of valuable skins. This is why you want to keep your bag space empty and ready to go. Also, make sure you have a good spec to be able to kill monsters efficiently. Unlike other gathering professions where there is no killing required, skinning requires you to kill the monster first before skinning. It would be kind of brutal to be able to skin the bear while it was still alive. To be able to kill monsters efficiently and quickly are a great way to get some better amounts of skins in a shorter amount of time. Also, before heading off to skin, always remember to bring food and water with some potions mixed in. You don’t want to be waiting every five minutes to kill another set of monsters, we want to be efficient here!

First off, making gold from skinning is possible by just leveling up from questing or grinding; why is this, you ask? At any level, there is always a monster that bears skin, or is possible to skin with the profession skinning; when you walk around whacking those bears to death for a quest, you are able to skin these along the way. Thus, making much more gold than just killing the bears and going along the quest for the quest reward’s gold. As a skinner, you’re able to take both the quest reward’s gold and the gold from skins. This is a great way to take advantage of your skinning while gaining some experience along the way if you aren’t seventy yet! Also, if you see someone ahead of you killing the same bears, but they aren’t a skinner politely ask if they are a skinner or observe if they are a skinner. If they just leave it there, wait a couple moments and start skinning some of their bears. But, try not to be too nosey there, you don’t want to start aggravating them. It’s better to be more polite than rude and skinning everything they finish off.

When you skin some of those clefthoofs in the Burning Crusade, you may find that they don’t drop knothide leather the whole time, they drop knothide leather scraps a lot. You may think, “Scraps! This must be useless!” That is not exactly the case, those leather scraps may be turned into knothide leather for a small tip and a little more scraps to make just one knothide leather piece. Why is this? Leatherworkers at the appropriate level are able to turn those scraps into whole pieces by a skill they are given. Always be sure to thank a service someone gives you with a tip or something else if they require it; also, be a bit cautious about who you deal with. Making scraps into leather requires you to give the scraps to the person so they may make it and give the new leather to you through trade back. They may take your scraps and run, take a look at their level and compare it to what profession level leatherworking takes to turn those scraps into the leather for your certain kind you are looking for.

Another good way to make gold from skinning is special leather that may drop. Other than dropping some knothide leathers at level seventy, clefthoofs may drop some clefthoof leather needed for a leather-working profession that is quite popular. Knowing this, you may be able to net in some good gold by farming some “special” leathers that drop that are more demanded than some of the normal leathers. Other than clefthoof leather you may encounter fel hide from the demons in the Burning Crusade. With these in mind, you may be able to make some more gold than just from the knothide leathers! Be aware, they may not drop the whole time, but they may have a decent drop rate, depending on what you are searching for.

With these in mind, turn up the volume on your speakers or headphones connected to your favorite jam and start killing those monsters and skin them up. Oh look, a thick clefthoof leather! All mine!