Guild Wars 2 Beginner Guide I

April 3, 2013

In the beta players first event weekend will have access to a Charrs, humans and Norn. The Asuras and the Sylvaris are not playable until a decision event.Your beta later in the creation of the character will not influence stats for your character, other than a few racial abilities. These skills are dependent on the race that you choose, but they are supposed to give you great guild wars 2 gold advantage and are completely disabled in competitive PvP.Once that you chose your race and class, you will need to answer a few questions on the history of your character and personality. The decisions you make here will influence the parties of your personal history, and this may affect your ability to play with friends: even though you can join each other personal history, to make progress you may have to separate temporarily or be prepared to each stage in the history for each of your different stories. Outside your story however, this choice has no bearing on your ability to play with friends.
Each race can move to areas other races start using a portal in their city, which will be available very soon. You can also be able to travel through the mists by opening your hero Panel (hotkey: “H”) and clicking on “Be in the mist”. This teleport you to the central platform PvP in the mists, where you can find portals to all major cities and the world vs. world and PvP.You can also travel quickly for a modest sum for a waypoint that you have unlocked on the map.
The guilds
You can create a Guild without charge as soon as you enter the gw2 gold game by opening the Guild tab “G”. In this way, you can also see your Guild pending invitations or your guilds current, as well as a roster of Guild and more. If you are a leader or leader of a Guild, you can also use this tab to invite other players or upgrades.Once research Guild, you join a Guild, you will automatically be a member on all your characters, even when you create a new character. You may also be multiple guilds at the same time, but you can never “represent” a Guild. Keep in mind that you may have to choose to “represent” your Guild again when you make a new character, if you earn no influence to the Guild and do not have access to the chat and other features.
Weapons and weapon skills
You start with a weapon based on your class, as well as only your first weapon attack. With each creature that conquer you, you make progress towards your next jurisdiction for your current weapon. If you want to try another weapon, once you exit the tutorial zone (after your defeat the first boss (Duke Barradin, the elemental of Earth or ice Wurm), there will be a seller of weapons nearby.) At this point, you should have enough gold to buy at least one other one-handed weapons. The cost of the two right-handed more and you may have to wait a bit or hope to get one with the crowds or as a reward.