A recent plight

April 6, 2013

In recent days, earthquakes have appeared throughout the three known continents, opening passages to long lost underground tunnels and threatening the major cities of Tyria. The threat was discovered to originate from creatures of stone and fire. The races of Tyria have been threatened once more by this new danger and in response to it, new races have appeared. The Asura have been chased from the depths and the Norn have been found in their isolated land to the north. But as new races are found, old groups fall. Ascalon and Orr have fallen, the White Mantle and the leaders of the Charr High Legions are threatened with the fall of their false Gods, the Stone Summit have scattered and a prophecy as old as the Dwarves themselves tells of the end of their race.
After the main threat of the Destroyers which decimated hundreds of lives, another threat appeared from the shadows. The Asura known as Zinn foolishly aided an unknown “mysterious stranger” and created three machines of immense power animated by an unknown energy source. The shady being ordered the golems to attack the royalty of Kryta, Cantha, and Vabbi. This “mysterious stranger” is still out there, and may strike once more.
Since then, the War in Kryta has become increasingly deadly. Despite their Gods reveal, the White Mantle still manage to keep its grasp on Kryta. Ruled by Confessor Isaiah, the White Mantle have increased its brutality through the use of Inquisitors and Peacekeepers, and still more Jade constructs and Mursaat are revealed as the war progresses.