Disease, death, and undeath

April 6, 2013

Cantha is not the only land to be faced with a mass disease. The island of Istan was the origin of an insufferable plague from 452 AE to 456 AE. The Scarab Plague swept through Elona, left Istan abandoned, and wiped out the royal family of the Primeval Kings. Shortly after the end of the Scarab Plague, the bloodiest wars of Elona broke out as various factions sought to gain royalty. The Pretender Wars that ravaged Elona brought about the Shattered Dynasty Era, the end of which spawned the union between the three provinces which survives to this day.
Before the Scarab Plague and the Pretender Wars an order was formed by Queen Nadijeh to protect all Elona. Once called the Sunspear Guard, the Order of the Sunspears protects Elona without linking themselves to any one province. The Order helps the people of Elona whether through force or through support. Just as there are those who act to help others, there are those who act to help themselves. The pirating Corsairs act around and outside the law, keeping to their own Code of the Corsairs, sailing the treacherous waters around Elona. There have been times when the Corsairs were gathered together as a force, and not just as small groups, and both times this happened the Great Corsair Wars occurred. Little has been recorded about the First Great Corsair War but the second war entails of Lady Glaive gathering an armada to fight Seamarshal Matoha, before fleeing north and turning Istan into the maritime power of today.
A decade after Odran’s infamous creation of the portals a new threat came from the Desolation to the northeast of Elona. The undead lich, Palawa Joko, came out of the sulfurous wastelands seeking to conquer all Elona. Having quickly forced the Vabbian princes to their knees, Palawa Joko turned his forces south and clashed with Turai Ossa’s shattered forces. After 100 bloody days during the Battle of Jahai, Turai took his elite guard and the remnants of the Sunspears and took a twisting path to Palawa behind his armies where Turai defeated him in single combat, later entombing the undead abomination with his newly formed elite force. After years of ruling, Turai turned to books and prophecies. Believing himself to be a Chosen mentioned in the Flameseeker Prophecies, he took his people and traveled to the Crystal Desert to Ascend – an event now called the Great Pilgrimage.