The birth of the world

April 6, 2013

More than ten thousand years ago the Giganticus Lupicus, commonly known as the Great Giants, walked upon the land. How they became extinct is unknown, though one can easily find what is suspected to be their bones scattered around the continents of Tyria and Elona, from the Tarnished Coast to the northernmost portions of the Charr Homelands and Far Shiverpeaks to as far south as Kourna – the most common place of these gigantic bones being the Crystal Desert.
Over eight thousand years after the Giganticus Lupicus disappeared, a race of serpents known as the Forgotten were brought to Tyria by the True Gods to be the guardians of the world. For centuries, they did their job with order, though they couldn’t keep peace with races such as the Charr, they maintained balance in the world and the races flourished, until the Humans arrived.
Not long after the Humans appeared in the world the Forgotten slowly got pushed back. The Humans spread like wildfire across the known continents of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona and even to further locations within the world. But as they spread, the Humans slowly undid the work of the Forgotten. No longer having a purpose, the serpents left the world of man for the then Crystal Sea. Over time they gained a new purpose, serving once more as caretakers, not of the world, but of the prophetic dragon Glint.
In Cantha, the Humans appeared from the south hundreds of years before they arrived in Tyria and Elona. They settled on the coast, by the Jade Sea and within the Echovald Forest. As humanity expanded in Cantha, the Humans and the Forgotten thrived without conflict unlike in the north. During the year 510 BE, a warlord known then as Kaing waged a war with intentions to unite the clans and did so, though his reasons are still unknown. Upon uniting the clans, he renamed himself Kaineng Tah and declared himself the first Lord Emperor of the Dragon. Kaineng’s son, Yian Zho took control after his father’s death and led a campaign to control the Kurzicks and the Luxons. However, the second emperor was not as successful as the first, and only managed to force the two factions to unite with themselves and eventually turned them into vassals through an even more brutal method than seen before or yet by any emperor.