The early human era

April 6, 2013

Despite the Forgotten leaving the world of Tyria, the Gods did not falter in the development of the world. One of the Gods, Abaddon, introduced the most influential creation in all of Tyria: magic. Its purpose was to make the lives of all intellectual races easier, but it soon became used as weapons and caused inter-racial wars throughout the world.
By the year 1 BE, when magic was given, Humans occupied lands throughout the world and most of the continent of Tyria. Unlike modern times with individual countries, all the Humans of Tyria were ruled by the original noble ruler of all lands, King Doric. It was he who traveled from Ascalon to Arah and pleaded before Dwayna, Balthazar, and Melandru with the hope of having the gift-turned-curse removed and the bloodshed stopped. The Gods agreed and created the bloodstones which were separated into five pieces. Four of the stones were linked to the four schools of magic – Preservation, Aggression, Destruction, and Denial – the fifth becoming the keystone required to connect them, ultimately sealed using King Doric’s own blood. The bloodstones prevent any one individual from harnessing all four schools of magic. Finally, the five stones were placed in the volcano known as Abaddon’s Mouth – the largest volcano on the Ring of Fire Island Chain.
However, the creation of the bloodstones did not go unhindered, for Abaddon, the God who gave out magic too freely, disagreed with limiting the gift and as such rebelled against the other Gods. His rebellion cost him greatly though, for while he was able to defeat two Gods at once, he was no match for all five Gods, and for his rebellion Abaddon was imprisoned within the Realm of Torment. The blow that defeated Abaddon was so powerful that it weakened the barrier between Tyria and Abaddon’s realm and caused the creation of the Desolation and Crystal Desert. Shortly after Abaddon’s imprisonment and the bloodstones’ creation, the Gods left Tyria forever, no longer walking with man, but not forgetting Tyria for they still watch over the world.
This event would become known as the Exodus of the Gods and later mark the year 0 for the commonly used Mouvelian calendar. For a time, all was good and the world was finally at peace once again. Peace, however, can always come to an end: the Humans prospered over the next hundred years until Abaddon’s Mouth erupted, scattering the five bloodstones across Tyria. Though the bloodstones have never been reunited, their magic seeped into the land and air and greed sprouted once again in the hearts of man, giving rise to new wars, this time amongst the humans themselves.