The Empire’s problems

April 6, 2013

Over two hundred years ago, Emperor Angsiyan began negotiations with the warring factions in the south, the Kurzicks and the Luxons, with the help of his personal bodyguard, Shiro Tagachi. Through the emperor’s and Shiro’s actions, the warring factions came to peace and even entered further into the Empire of the Dragon than they ever had. However, in 872 AE (1382 CC), during the Harvest Ceremony, Shiro betrayed the emperor and slew Angsiyan, along with his retinues, as he prayed to Dwayna. Before Shiro could enact any of his plans, the champions of the Kurzicks and the Luxons – Saint Viktor and Archemorus – along with a Canthan Assassin, Vizu, killed Shiro. In dying, Shiro let out a deadly wail that petrified the Echovald Forest and solidified the Jade Sea. Even today, the land of Cantha suffers from the wail now known as the Jade Wind.
Not even a decade after Shiro’s death, the Canthan avian creatures known as Tengu left their peaceful life and turned to pillaging and raiding the new settlements on Shing Jea Island. Claiming that their land was being trespassed upon, the Sensali and Angchu clans started more and more fierce skirmishes until a group of Sensali slaughtered and burned down a village. War would have broken out if not for Emperor Hanjai and the Angchu Tengu and even though war was averted for a long time, the Sensali – who felt betrayed by the Angchu for being excluded in peace treaties at the time – continued raids from their mountainous homes. These raids continue to this day and at times have broken out into small wars that even included the Angchu – these wars are now known as the Tengu Wars which ended not long ago in the year 1071 AE. It wasn’t until Togo was able to negotiate peace with the Angchu once more that the last of the Tengu Wars ended.
Cantha saw only a year of partial peace before the next major threat hit the Empire of the Dragon. Shortly after the end of the last of the Tengu Wars a plague that turned beings into sickened, pulsating creatures known as Afflicted spread from Shing Jea Island to Kaineng City and even reaching into the Echovald Forest and the Jade Sea. Shortly after the appearance and spread of the plague the source was identified as the returned spirit of Shiro Tagachi and soon Shiro’ken appeared in large numbers with the Afflicted. Along with the threat of Shiro’s return, the sources of the corrupted Wardens and the Outcasts were discovered in the forms of Urgoz and Kanaxai.