The Tyrian disasters

April 6, 2013

Throughout the centuries, the continent of Tyria found itself in constant warfare. The multiple Guild Wars raged across human lands – constantly ending and starting again, creating a series of wars between Humans. In all these years, not much aside from the constant wars and temporary times of peace existed. However, nearly two hundred years prior to the Searing, a powerful arcanist known simply as Lord Odran sought to reach into the unknown, and in doing so, by sacrificing many souls, found access to the Hall of Heroes. Though the spirits were outraged at Odran’s intrusion on the land they had paid to access with their life and blood, they could do nothing against beings of the living. For years, Odran explored the Rift and the many worlds, placing his portals in deadly locations and concealing them with spells. Until one day, the spirits of the Rift found a way to harm that which was corporeal and when Odran returned to the Rift they tore his body apart. In doing so that which they hated most came to pass as the spells of protection and concealment over Odran’s portals were removed and mortals gained free access to the Hall of Heroes.
Years have come and gone since Odran’s death and not even a decade ago the world shook. The Charr invaded the land of man and destroyed the Kingdom of Ascalon and its Great Northern Wall during the cataclysmic event known as the Searing before rushing west and south, to attack Kryta and Orr. Though the last to be attacked, Orr suffered the worst fate of the three Kingdoms. In an attempt first thought to be to stop the Charr, the Vizier of Orr sought an ancient scroll – and in it, a powerful spell – and upon reading the words on the scroll, Orr sunk to the depths of the Sea of Sorrows in an event known as the Cataclysm. Kryta had the kindest fate from the devastating Charr invasion, for it was saved due to a single man: Saul D’Alessio. Though an outcast and exile of Kryta, Saul returned with a force to defeat the Charr – the Unseen Ones. Though he believed he was bringing salvation, at the moment of his own disappearance at the hands of the very saviors he had sought he realized that he had doomed Kryta to a life worse than that which the Charr had planned – blind devotion to slavers.
The Humans are not the only creatures that have issues in Tyria. The Deldrimor Dwarves too have their issues, for their king’s cousin Dagnar Stonepate, leader of the xenophobic Stone Summit wishes to overthrow Jalis Ironhammer and desires to rule all of Tyria. This has caused a civil war several years in the making between the Dwarves – one that the Deldrimor Dwarves would rather not go through with, but will if they must. The Caromi and Centaurs are also facing their own problems with threats of being driven out of their homelands.