The Contest between the Guild and the Country

April 12, 2013

There was no king in Khulna, and there was only the commander in chief of war, this was a absolutely militaristic country, so people of this country could not bear the peace, and the pirates came to attack them, they were not very angry, because they also wanted to have a battle with weapons and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
Ossa also came, she followed Morgan, in fact, she wanted to get something, and this was a good chance to swallow up the Istanbul Island. If she could drive the pirates away and protect people of Istanbul, everyone would like her.
Ossa often thought that how to make Khulna to be powerful again as her great ancestor.
If she could make the whole continent to be unified, and the empire was going to be strong with much Guild Wars 2 gold again, and then her name would be remembered by history forever.
But another woman also had the same opinion, and she was Coil, the commander in chief of Spear of Sun.
Now it was the unfavorable situation of Sparta and his mates, and he felt that he was in the confrontation between Ossa and Coil. He remembered that a person said that the female leader was tender before, but he thought that maybe a woman would be more malicious than a man.
It was the plane out of the horoscope stage, and Ossa, Morgan and their new soldiers were waiting for a long time, they should buy Guild Wars 2 gold early. It seemed that this was only a contest for friendship between the soldiers for the two sides. But it could be said seriously that this was a war between the two countries.
If Sparta and his mates failed, and then the Spear of Sun even the whole Istanbul would feel shame. Finally Ossa could say that Spear of Sun was not strong enough proudly, and the army of Khulna would garrisoned this island.
But if Sparta and his mates got the win at last, the army of Khulna would feel that the Spear of Sun was too powerful. An informal non-governmental organization was even stronger than the soldiers that has been trained strictly, so people might think that the Spear of Sun wanted to rebel.
Sparta did not know what to do, he did not want to neither win nor fail.
“Shit! I won’t care so much, I will try my best, and if I am strong, I will get the win, or else I will fail.” Sparta was angry, and he thought that he came to play a game and get the Guild Wars 2 gold; he did not want to care the state affairs.