Choosing Warrior as Deputy Staff in Guild War

April 13, 2013

“Yes, what you said is right, and now you are in level 5, you’d better put more attribute point into the commander, and then you will get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.”
“Well, I know.” Sparta clicked on his interface of the attribute point, and then he found another thing, he felt strange, so he asked Coil: “I have a new skill of Player vs. Player, and it is the Ready to Fighting, the higher level of commander I am in, and the longer lasting time it has, so I will save much blue, is that true?”
“Yes, my child, and you are so clever, the Ready to Fighting is a good skill, but it only consumes 15 point of energy, if your commander is in level 10, and then the Ready to Fighting consumes 10 point of energy and less Guild Wars 2 gold, it will help you very much.” Coil said, and she stopped for just a while, because she found that she should not say this, so she began to tell Sparta the thing about choosing deputy staff, “Because there is affect of main attribute, so I suggest that you should choose a warrior as your deputy staff.”
“Why should I choose the warrior?” Sparta asked, but in fact, he also did not know what he should choose.
“The professions of spell consume much energy and Guild Wars 2 gold, such as monk and elementalist, and we only have two point of returning blue, so it is too much for us. Because the main attribute of freelancer has the function of saving blue for specialization, and we don’t have it, so the freelancer is also not suitable. I only want to tell you that the warrior has some similarities to us.”
“What similarities do they have? Maybe they also have two point of returning blue and 80 point of defense, and their profession should also use anger.” Sparta generalized by himself.
Coil nodded satisfactorily, and then she said: “What you said is good, but I should still add something, the warrior and oracle are both believers of Balthazar, so we have the common belief foundation. There are many battle howls among the skills of warrior, and the battle howl is as the same as hymn, both of them could return blue under the function of commander.”
“Well, I decide to choose the warrior.” Sparta said, and after he finished it, before he wanted to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, he found that there were more skills of warrior in his skill bar, such as bleeding and executing, and they were attacking skills of sword or axe, they were useless to Sparta.