Getting New Skill in Guild Wars 2

April 13, 2013

“What is the hero point? Can I get the cheap Guild Wars 2 gold by it?” Sparta asked again, and Landau knew that he really did not know the things in the game now.
“The military rank you get could provide certain hero point for you, and now your military rank of our guild is in level 1, so you have 2 point of hero. If you upgrade your military rank to the next level, and you will get two more point.” Landau explained.
Now Sparta knew it, so he began to choose the sun skill which was suitable to him.
The dominant position of oracles was singing, and the sun skills of oracles must be relevant with singing, so it should help Sparta to get the Guild Wars 2 gold.
It was the Ready to Fighting, and its profession was oracle, its type was spear of sun, its attribute was battle howl, it could last for four seconds, and it could make all of the allies in the range for sound wave reduce the damage for 15% to 31%. When the function of this battle howl finished, the ally who was affected would get 20 to 52 point of physical strength, this skill consumed 15 point of energy, and the cooling time was 20.
It was good, the mates in the range for sound wave could suffer the function of reducing damage, and after the battle howl finished, it could provide the healing for group, and then they could buy Guild Wars 2 gold, it was really a good skill!
It could be said that the skill of Ready to Fighting was prepared fully for the oracles, because the rank of the commander would affect the lasting time of the battle howl, and the commander was the main attribute of the oracles, so other professions did not have it.
Sparta took off the Healing Song, and then he changed it for the Ready to Fighting.
After Sparta got his new skills ready, he went to the plane to have a try, and then he felt very good.
After the instance renewed, there was new BOSS, of course, the leader of the plant monsters resurrected. Before this war began, Sparta used the skill of Ready to Fighting first, and then he did not feel hurt when the lightning fell off.
Sparta began to kill the plant monsters, after a while, the whole map was nearly empty, but it seemed that Sparta was not willing to leave, and then he went to the gate of Kamala with unhappy mood and much Guild Wars 2 gold.
Coil was waiting for Sparta in the city.