Guild Wars 2: The Resurrection of the Guild

April 13, 2013

“Just when you look at it, this skill is not different from the simple signet of resurrection, and they could recover all of life point, all of them could be used once. But sometimes after a signet of resurrection is used, the blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold are not the most important, and the blue is needed, if there is no blue, you could not return to the war well. Look, this Signet of Resurrection for Spear of Sun could provide much more energy for you, and the higher level for Spear of Sun you are in, the more point of blue you will get.”
“Yes, the blue is the most important.” Sparta said and nodded, he agreed with the words of Landau, the blue was also useful to the profession which depended on anger, because some skills could help player to accumulate anger and Guild Wars 2 gold more quickly, such as the Flame Hyman and Signet of Aggression of Sparta.
Landau found that Sparta was listening to him seriously, and then he did not want to stop, so he said again: “It has another advantage, the simple signet of resurrection could resurrect a person in the same place, and if the person dies in the group of monsters, after he is resurrected, he may die again. But the signet of our guild could resurrect the person at your side, so the person will be safer.”
“It is so great, if I use it when I fight with other people, I will be powerful, and I think I even don’t need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.” Sparta said excitedly.
“I nearly forget to tell you that this skill is used for Player vs. Environment, so you could only use it to hit monster, and you cannot use it for Player Kill.” Landau added.
“What do you mean? What is the Player vs. Environment?” Sparta asked.
“It is the resistance between the player and environmental strength, and it is the meaning of hitting monster, there are still many other powerful skills for Player vs. Environment in our guild, of course, they could not be used for Player vs. Player.” Landau said, and then he showed many designs of the skills.
“You should see them clearly, and one of them is used for the oracles, even you learn other skills, and they are also useless, you cannot get Guild Wars 2 gold by them. Your picking needs to consume 1 point of hero, and you have got 2 point of hero.” Landau reminded Sparta.