Learning Skills of Oracle in Guild Wars 2

April 16, 2013

“If you need a stronger attacking of anger and want much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, there is another skill.”
It was the Brutal Projection, and its profession was oracle, its type was specialization of spear, its attribute was spear attacking, when it hit the goal, it could give the goal 5 to 17 point of extra damage, and it would finish the stance of the enemy, this skill could not be blocked, and it consumed seven point of anger.
“You will come across many monsters which have blocking stance, and the Brutal Projection is used to deal with these difficulties. Though it consumes 7 point of anger, there are not many skills to break the stance, so it is worth.”
What Coil said was right, only the Wild Killing of assassin, the Critical Hit of warrior and this skill could break the stance.
“It is great, commander, I have so many attacking skills now, and I think that my spear will be sharper, and I can buy Guild Wars 2 gold more easily.” Sparta said, and then he asked, “But commander, you told me that the oracles were known as singing before, but I don’t have any skill of singing.”
“Don’t worry, I will teach you soon.”
It was the Flame Hymn, and its profession was oracle, its type was commander, its attribute was hymn, and it could last for ten seconds, any next attacking skill of the user’s mate in the range would give the enemy 1 to 3 seconds of burning symptom, it consumed five point of energy, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 10.
“This is a hymn which can make enemy burned, you should remember that the oracles believe Balthazar, and he is the fire god, he gives us the fire strength and the Guild Wars 2 gold, and then we can strengthen us with fire, we can also defeat the enemy with fire.”
“Who is that? Is he the fire god?” Sparta was a new player, so he did not know the five true gods in Guild Wars 2.
“Yes, he is Balthazar, and he is the god of fire and war, the hymn of fire is the ballad of praising Balthazar, so you should sing it frequently.” In fact, the Flame Hymn was nearly the best skill of the oracles, such as the Coated Poison of a freelancer. Not only because the Flame Hymn could make the enemy burned, but also it only consumed five point of mana and a little Guild Wars 2 gold.