The Skills about Protecting and Healing in GW

April 16, 2013

If an oracle used the Flame Hymn well, he could nearly make the enemy keep burning all the time, and then the enemy would lose much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“New person, I tell you a small trick, after sing the Flame Hymn, throw out a Spear of Thorns, it is ten point of life attenuation, and then the enemy will lose 20 point of blood per second, it is very great.” Another member of the Spear of Sun said to Sparta, it seemed that he was powerful.
“Yes, it is good, but I have to scrape up anger, so I think that it is a little troublesome.”
A person felt strange about getting anger if he did not play the anger profession before.
“Don’t worry, the oracles have many skills of accelerating the speed of getting anger, and so you will have enough time to buy Guild Wars 2 gold, look, this is the first one.”
It was the Signet of Aggression, its profession was oracle, its type was non-attribute, and its attribute was signet, if you were affected by the Battle Howl or Hymn, you would get two point of anger, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 5.
“All of the skills of signet consume neither energy nor anger, and so you can save much anger and Guild Wars 2 gold, after you sing the Flame Hymn, you will have the effect of the hymn, and then the Signet of Aggression will provide two point of anger for you. You can use this skill again after five seconds, so it is very convenient.” Coil gave Sparta the detailed explanation, but nobody knew whether Sparta understood.
“Now you have the great attacking and singing, but you still need protecting and healing, so I will teach you the skills of healing now.” Coil emphasized that the oracle was a warrior who could attack and defense by himself again.
It was the Song of Healing, its profession was oracle, its type was excitation, and its attribute was echo, this skill could last for 20 seconds, and it made the ally who was non-wraith get 1 to 3 point of life regeneration, when the effect of the hymn and battle howl disappeared on the body of this ally, the effect of this skill would be reset, and the user could get much Guild Wars 2 gold during this period of time, and it consumed 10 point of energy, the casting time was 1, and the cooling time was 8.