Killing a Person in Guild Wars 2

April 17, 2013

It was the Subversion of Mark, its profession was necromancer, and its type was blood spell, its attribute was negative spell, it could make the next skill of the enemy useless to his mates, after the skill of the enemy failed, you would get 10 to 76 point of life and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold from him, and the function of this skill could last for six seconds, it consumed ten point of energy, the casting time was 2, and the cooling time was 30.

It was only a small spell turning, if your next skill failed during six seconds, you would lose 76 point of blood.

So it was better that a person did not use any skill in these six seconds. The cooling time of the Subversion of Mark was thirty seconds, it was so long.

After we saw the whole skills of the four persons, we felt that only the skills of the necromancer were worst, no wonder that he needed to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

“Let me join you, I don’t kill a person for a long time.” Kaiser said in my heart, it seemed that he was impatient.

I thought so, an assassin was better than a warrior if we wanted to kill a person in a second.

Because the flare of a warrior needed anger, and the anger should be accumulated slowly. But an assassin was different, as long as the enemy did not have the blinding or blocking, an assassin could kill a person in five seconds with little Guild Wars 2 gold.

The challenge started, the warrior of the enemies rushed in the front of them, and the freelancer followed him, the next one was the necromancer, and the displacement of the Mesmer was so goatish. Maybe she also recognized that she was the most important person in their team.

But we were more powerful, because we had Kaiser this time. He killed her in a second, it was so perfect.

“What happened just now? It is impossible!” The tutor saw the situation outside of the arena, and he was very surprised, of course, he was also nervous.

Kaiser was very complacent, and then he made a pose to us, as if he said to us: “What about my power? Now you should know the power of the assassin, you could save much Guild Wars 2 gold.”

In fact, I only saw the warrior, necromancer and other main professions in the Battle Guild, they were called six professions, but I never saw the assassin and priest.