The Analysis of the Skills in Guild Wars 2

April 17, 2013

When we walked out of the arena with depressed feeling, the tutor saw us, and then he said to us happily: “The former combinations have four same professions and skills, and it is easy to defeat them and got much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. Now this combination is special, and the four professions are different, they also have different skills, so it is difficult to cooperate with each other. But we trained for many times, and then we could let everybody see their power.”

I thought that he was too proud, and we were a little unhappy.

“The skills of this combination are too powerful, so we don’t want to hide them, so I want to share them with you, but I don’t know whether you are interested in them.” The tutor said to us knowingly.

But we thought that he only wanted to demonstrate. He wanted to show us the skills of the combination, and then he would ask us whether we could crack them, if we failed after we saw the skills, we would be stupid, even if he gave us much Guild Wars 2 gold.

In fact, we knew some of their skills.

The Summon Phantom was the attenuation of life, the cooling time was short, and it could attack the four persons of the enemies.

It would make the enemy lose nine point of life with the poison of the freelancer, and the person would lose blood and Guild Wars 2 gold quickly.

The Mantra Excitation could remove the negative skill, and the Buff Distilling was perfect in protecting the mates and weakening enemy.

The skill of Prayer of Will was also important, its profession was Mesmer, and its type was spell of excitation, its attribute was stance, and a person’s movement could not be interrupted, but when the enemy wanted to interrupt your movement, you would lose five to ten point of energy till the function disappeared, and it would last for 30 to 78 seconds, it consumed ten point of energy, the cooling time was 20.

Illusion had a main attribute, so it was difficult to be interrupted, and the skill of Prayer of Will made it impossible to interrupt. If each skill was used successfully, the enemy would be defeated, even if he still could buy Guild Wars 2 gold.

The skills of the necromancer were as the same as we looked over, the ability of cursing was weak, we did not see her to use the last skill, but when we saw the explanation of the skill, we understood.