Defeate the Four Freelancers in Guild Wars 2

April 18, 2013

The ground was nearly full of snares, and the space of the arena was not big, if we did not stop them, we even would not have place to stand. When we fought with Mace and his mates before, only one person put the snares, now the four freelancers put snares together, so they were very powerful.
The Thorns Snare and the Fire Snare started suddenly, Winnie stepped on them without care, and then she lost much blood and cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and we also stepped on some snares after Winnie was hurt, though we would not die soon, but we were also very painful.
When the four freelancers saw our hurt, they laughed, and they lifted the staff high, they shouted loudly.
It was the Professionals-There, it was an elite skill, and its profession was warrior, its type was tactic to master, its attribute was Battle Howl, when enemy in range suffered a kind of symptoms, the user would get 10 to 56 point of life and five point of energy, it consumed five point of energy, the cooling time was 15.
It seemed that they were very confident, and maybe they thought that they even did not need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
The snare could provide many symptoms, and this elite skill could nearly add full blood for them according to the symptoms we suffered.
This skill could protect them greatly, and it could add energy and Guild Wars 2 gold, and then they could put the snares continuously.
They used the Troll Unguent first, and then they used the Healing Spring, now they used the elite Battle Howl, I thought the four freelancer would not die forever. We stepped on the snares continuously, and we would be killed by the symptoms at last. They were more powerful than Mace.
It was the Martyrdom Hand, it was lucky that we got ready early, Polly sacrificed herself, and she got all of the symptoms to her body. She was a monk, so she would not be killed by the symptoms.
They used the Professionals-There again, but they did not get any blood or blue this time, they even lost some Guild Wars 2 gold, because Polly got rid of our symptoms. The four freelancers were scared, and they did not know what happened. They did not put the snares again, and maybe they did not have blue.
It was a good chance, the hero wraith I took this time was the ice empress, and the ice and fire were good method to deal with the enemies who were with each other together.