Guild Wars 2: The Winner on the War Island

April 18, 2013

“Run quickly, I will use the ice spell to control them.” The ice empress said to us, and then she froze the feet of the warrior with ice, we ran away with our cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
The skill of I Want Revenge was powerful, but it had a keeping time, when the time was over, there was no new dead body to be used, and then the warrior would turn to be simple person.
It was lucky that the map was good for running away, there was a wide road in the middle, and there was an over bridge on each side, the three ones were linked by stairs.
We wasted more than ten seconds to climbed the stairs, and we had to cross the over bridge, so I thought the lasting time of the skill would be over soon.
As expected, when we were climbing the stairs for the second times, the Battle Howl and his Guild Wars 2 gold disappeared, and it was time to attack them for us. It was as the same as beginning, the last warrior shouted, and then he went to attack Polly again.
But Polly was clever this time, she used the skills of defense early, even the warrior was great, but he did not have any skill of removing buff skill, so he was useless.
It was obvious that the warrior could not take the skill of removing buff skill, though he could buy Guild Wars 2 gold for himself.
He could not kill Polly, so he wanted to kill others, but he was hit by the skill of Santana, and then he was reduced speed by the Ice Storm of the ice empress, so he died finally.
“I am so sorry, my brothers, I could not revenge for you.” The four warriors died, but there were still four dogs, they even dared not to call now.
In fact, they were not dogs, they were grown wolves.
“Congratulations to you.” The tutor came and said to us, but it seemed that he was a little unhappy. I could understand him, because we defeated the best combination of them, but we actually got much Guild Wars 2 gold.
The tutor pulled me aside and said to me quietly: “I find that you team is very powerful, and there are still three combinations of our guild, so I think you will also defeat them.”
“Thank you for praising us, but we are not powerful, we are only clever.” What I said was true, and I did not think I was proud.