The Obsidian Flame in Guild Wars 2

April 18, 2013

They began to use real great skill and much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, the four elementalists were flying in the sky, and they were reading something, as if they were singing sang, but this sang was the death sang, the damage of the Obsidian Flame could not be affected by defense, if a person was hit, the person would lose nearly one hundred point of blood, if the four elementalists used it together, it would be very powerful.
But it had a casting of time of two seconds, of course, we must interrupt it.
After an arrow was shot out, an Obsidian Flame was destroyed, though there were still three Obsidian Flames, but if they wanted to kill a person in a second, it would be difficult. I thought that the second wave of Obsidian Flames would not come in short time, because this skill could make the user to be tired.
They were tired, so they would lose some blue and some Guild Wars 2 gold, and even if the blue could be resumed, but it was very slow, and if they used the Obsidian Flame continuously, they would lose all of their blue, a master who had no blue could do nothing.
So the cooling time of the Obsidian Flame was five seconds, but nobody would use it just after the cooling time was over.
It would be better if the Obsidian Flame had no function of being tired, it had a very short cooling time, and it consumed only a little energy, after they used the Earth Attunement, they could save blue, so they even did not need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold. I thought that this was the balance among the skills.
Suddenly they used the Obsidian Flame again! What was wrong? Were not they afraid of being tired? They even did not want to live, and I have never seen such kind of people.
The black stones hit us, but I did not see any spark, only Polly was attacked, and she died.
Polly had more than half blood and much Guild Wars 2 gold just now, but she was killed in a second. We had the Signet of Resurrection, just when we resurrected Polly, but there were four more obsidians again.
Because they fell off from sky, so we could not hide. And even if Hansen could interrupt it, he could only interrupt one, and he could not interrupt the other three ones.
I felt strange that why they used the Obsidian Flame continuously.