The Power of the Monk in Guild Wars 2

April 19, 2013

The function of the biting occurred before the healing function, so before the warrior finished the Signet of Healing, the Healing of Depravation killed him, and the warrior even did not have any time to use his cheap Guild Wars 2 gold. It would better if the warrior knew the Healing of Depravation early.
The cooling time was 5, but it could last for thirty seconds, they had enough time to use it to every enemy, and the disciplinary monks actually did it. Because the Healing of Depravation did not have any function when the enemy did not heal themselves, so many people did not care it.
But when they were going to die, as long as they added blood, the Healing of Depravation would occur, it was too insidious! Many people often were very rattling, so they even forgot to use their skill and Guild Wars 2 gold.
Even if the monks killed one warrior, but it seemed that they did not satisfy, and then they chose another goal which was closed to them, they used the skill continuously, and they called the name of Balthazar loudly together at the same time, they opened a new circle of white smog, it was another buff skill of disciplinary department.
It was the Nimbus of Balthazar, its profession was monk, and its type was smiting prayers, it could make the enemies get 10 to 22 point of holy damage in a second, but the enemies needed to be closed to the goal, and it could last for eight seconds, it consumed twenty-five point of energy, the casting time was 2, the cooling time was 25.
This was a buff skill with damage function, people who touched the white smog would get twenty-two point of holy damage in a second, of course they would also lose much Guild Wars 2 gold, and the four monks used this skill together, so there would be 88 point of holy damage in a second.
“Give up in the front of the great Balthazar!” The combination of disciplinary shouted, and the enemies lost all of their fighting will, and then everybody could know the final result, they even did not need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold.
The monks believed two kinds of gods, one was Dwayna, she was the Life God, and the other one was Balthazar, he was the War God. Mahon’s parents quarreled with each other because of different faiths. I saw the power of the disciplinary monk today, and I thought that they were not weaker than the skills of the priest.