A Noisy Morning outside of Guild Wars 2

April 20, 2013

“The morning air is so fresh! I really want to breathe much fresh air.” Zaria said.
“Be careful, don’t have it for much one time, or else you will choke.” I reminded her, I remembered that there was fresh air everywhere in Guild Wars 2, and I could also buy Guild Wars 2 gold at the same time.
“What do you mean? Are you cursing me? A dog’s mouth emits no ivory.” Zaria seemed to be unhappy, and she said quietly.
“Of course, because I have the human mouth, and I don’t have the dog’s mouth, so I could not spit the ivory out.”
I had a disadvantage, it was that I liked quarreling with girls, so I was not young now, but I still did not have my girlfriend, it would be better if I could buy a girl friend with my cheap Guild Wars 2 gold.
“You……” Zaria was very angry, and she could hardly speak, especially she was running, so she was even out of breath.
“What do you want to say? It is true, and breathing great breaths of air could lead to shock. I know medical knowledge well.” It was true, I really knew it.
“Well, thank you!”
“Well, stop please! You are not young children.” Helena said, as if she was our elder, and she spoke with mature tone, she was not as shy as before.
“Yes, Dylan, you are a wretch, I nearly forget the thing!” Zaria said suddenly, maybe she wanted me to give her my Guild Wars 2 gold, but it seemed to be impossible.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, and I thought maybe they wanted to marry with me together, and I began to go off into wild flights of fancy again.
“Dylan, why did you drool? You don’t have the breakfast till now, so you must be hungry.” Zaria looked at me, as if I was a traveler from outer space.
“Yes, I am really hungry, so say it quickly, and then let’s go to have breakfast.” In order to cover my ill act, so I had to pay for the breakfast.
“Zaria, to make a long story short please.” It was obvious that Helena saw my ill act just now, she was so clever, and then she was angry, she turned back, and she did not look at me, but I felt that my heart was so cold, as if I lost all of my Guild Wars 2 gold.
Zaria nodded, and then she said: “Helena studies in Applied Psychology……”
“Yes, I know.” Though I did not know what Helena could do with it.
“Don’t stop me, listen to me quietly.” Zaria was unhappy.