The Secret in Guild Wars 2

April 20, 2013

I could go to the third section, what did it mean? It meant that I could learn the skills of the third section and get much cheap Guild Wars 2 gold, and I remembered that my necromancer took the clearance of the third section only because of the Buff Putrid before, because this Buff Putrid was an elite skill, and it was in the back map of the third section.
It was harder and harder to hit when people got to the back maps, but people could also learn better skills, so it was the interesting of doing the main task.
I could have a hero if I got to the third section, and it was a non-player-controlled character who was dominated by the player arbitrarily, and then I could call him to buy Guild Wars 2 gold for me, it was so great.
“Dear Coil, I am willing to promise you, but I don’t know whether the host of this section will promise me.” Of course, the host was Mahon, where was he? Maybe he was with Samaria together.
“Dylan, are you looking for me?” Mahon appeared suddenly, and I was very surprised, I did not know whether he knew I was looking for him.
“Dear Coil, I promise you absolutely, I think the great heroes of the third section will help us to complete the main task better. Our chosen person will get a good training in Iona Continent, and I believe that he will get much Guild Wars 2 gold over there.”
His answer was out of my expectation, why did he want me to leave quickly? Maybe he thought that I disturbed him and Samaria.
“Don’t worry, Dylan, we will also go to the third section later.” Was that true? Would they really go? I did not believe his words.
“But it is too late today, and I think the boatman should go to sleep, Dylan, you’d better set out tomorrow.”
I did not know what to say, did the boatman need to have a sleep? Was not the boatman a non-player-controlled character? I did not think that a non-player-controlled character needed to have a rest.
“Well, everyone should go back and get ready, we will set out tomorrow.” Though I did not want to say goodbye, and I still wanted to get some Guild Wars 2 gold, but I had to get offline.
After we got offline, Mahon, Samaria, Aidan and Deana walked out of the north gate of the Lion’s Arch quietly, it was a vast expanse of green field.